Meet Our New Intern, Yuxiang Yuan

Hello! I’m Yuxiang Yuan from China. I also go by Cynthia, as I’m aware that the pronunciation of Chinese and European languages differs significantly!

Growing up, I was always attracted by various cultures and languages. In my spare time, I liked to watch films and TV shows, listen to music from other countries, and explore various traditions and customs. This early curiosity about languages and cultures has continued with me throughout my life.

Following that, I decided to focus on translation, eventually obtaining a bachelor’s degree in translation and interpretation from Xi’an International Studies University in China. Throughout this time, I improved my language skills, gained experience in translating various types of documents, and developed a basic understanding of consecutive interpreting. The several volunteer opportunities I was offered to interpret during my undergraduate studies were the most impressive. Many Belt and Road Initiative-related events held in Xi’an needed language volunteers, so they would enlist university students. I once offered my services as a voluntary interpreter to the North Macedonian ambassador to China. Compared to schoolwork, it was a very different experience. There were many unexpected occurrences, which gave me a strong sensation of novelty. Thus, I wanted to delve deeper into this field.

Currently, I’m an MSc student in Translation Studies at the University of Edinburgh. This programme places emphasis on theories and undertaking independent research. Based on my previous interest in films and television shows, as well as the fact that I had joined a fansub group, I choose to stick to this field. Currently, my research focuses on the audiovisual translation and commentary of a social-economic documentary: The Retirement Gamble (2013).

Through this internship, I intend to learn skills that will be useful to me as a freelance translator, particularly in terms of how to find clients and advertise my services to land long-term translation contracts. Ideally, I hope I can gain some social networking resources that will be beneficial for future job opportunities.