Moghrey mie

Not quite sure how to pronounce that? Well, then you must not be one of the 1,823 people with some knowledge of Manx Gaelic. (Figure according to the 2011 census)

With only a few hundred competent speakers in the Isle of Man, the Manx Heritage Foundation, along with other groups, is trying to increase the number of Manx Gaelic speakers. As part of the plan to celebrate the island’s year of culture, residents are being encourage learn 1,000 Manx Gaelic words in 2014.

By learning 20 words every week for 12 months, people will have a vocabulary of over 1,000 words. Manx Language Officer, Adrian Cain, said “A thousand words is enough to have some basic conversational knowledge of the Manx Gaelic language.” This is true of other languages as well, so if Manx Gaelic isn’t your language of choice, pick another one and get learning!

Here are a few Manx Gaelic basics to get you started:
moghrey mie (good morning) fastyr mie (good afternoon) oie vie (good night)