Our Annual Most Valuable Translator Awards – 2019

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you’ve had a brilliant start to the new decade. It’s now time to announce Web-Translations’ Most Valuable Translators during 2019.


We’re privileged to work with many exceptional translators whose extensive talents allow us to offer translation services across a wide range of industries. Our 2019 MVTs have been selected for many different reasons: some have made important contributions for a single client. Others have helped us out in time-critical conditions, or have gone over and above what was required in order to ensure the highest quality possible for a client.


  • Carles Hernandez – Catalan / Spanish
  • Elin Davies – Welsh
  • Gisella Giarrusso – Italian
  • José Miguel Aguilar – Spanish
  • Juliette Mazurkiewicz – French
  • Katrin Jarvis – Swedish
  • Laura Mussutto – Italian
  • Maciej Gliński – Polish
  • Marianne von Förster – German
  • Moisés Perez – LA Portuguese
  • Nanda Weiland – Dutch
  • Sachiko Torii – Japanese
  • Tomas Hutters – Danish
  • Ulrike Franz-Weall – German
  • Yaotl Àltan – LA Spanish


Many congratulations and Thank You to these skilled translators!