Top 5 Twitter techniques


Is there a formula for writing a perfect tweet?

Composing a 140-character tweet, which must entice despite its brevity, requires some thought for anyone wishing to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Here are our top tips:

1) Lists!
“Top 5…” lists are a great way to get clicks. People know the target page will be segmented and easy to access, so they might just click through. Just like you’re reading this now.

2) Use Twitter handles and hashtags like a pro
If you mention a company, be sure to use their Twitter account. For example, use @WebTranslations instead of Web-Translations. If you want to get picked up in searches, add trending or relevant hashtags. #trendinghashtag #translation

3) Images and videos are more important than text
Tweets featuring photos, gifs, videos and infographics are very effective. Animated GIFs are popular at the moment, but to ensure yours is not displayed as a static image, make sure it loops instead of playing a single time.

4) Share industry statistics and facts
B2B Marketing found that they had the highest engagement with tweets that highlighted industry stats and facts, as it fuelled debate between companies and people in the industry.

5) Ask for an opinion or run a poll
Give people a reason to interact with you, and they might be more likely to reply, retweet or like your tweet.