How to turn your followers into customers

Last week, we touched on why businesses should use Social Media, now what’s the next step? How do you go about converting your social followers into customers, without seeming pushy?

Engage with them

Earn their attention by talking to them – not at them. People soon stop following a brand that only broadcasts and doesn’t respond to questions and comments.

61% of Followers Want to Offer Ideas and Feedback

  • Ask for their opinion & feedback
  • Invite them to share – and reward them when they do

Keep them updated

73% of Followers Want Updates on Future Products

  • Let them know about future product launches
  • Do a soft-launch with your followers ahead of the official release
  • Encourage them to pre-order

Be generous

51% of people like pages for promotions, giveaways, or discounts

  • Give followers that little bit extra
  • Share offers, trials and promotions – discounts, BOGOF, refer a friend, etc.

Incentives such as free delivery will go a long way to persuading followers to place an order.

  • Run competitions

On Facebook, you need to use an app to run your competition/giveaway in order to comply with the site’s promotion guidelines. Popular apps are: Rafflecopter, Giveaway Tab, Woobox, Shortstack.

Piggyback on other brands

Tie-in your promo with an product or event that people love

  • Wimbledon, World Cup, Halloween, etc.
  • Film releases – give away tickets

Sign them up

Ask them for details of exactly what they are interested in – this enables you to tailor all your communications to them

  • Subscribe them to newsletters
  • Give them the information they’ve asked for – relevant content, how to guides, etc.

Remember: It’s a trade-off

Think of your quest to obtain customer data as an exchange or transaction. People are willing to give their contact details for something in return – discount, voucher, competition entry, etc.

When someone follows your brand on Social Media, they are telling you that they intend to buy from you at some point. Your campaigns need to ensure you are kept front of mind so they think of you when they are ready to make a purchase, and also that you have a compelling offer that will persuade them to commit to spending with you.

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