Using a blog to attract international customers

blog-1242038Now that you have a shiny new e-commerce website in a different language, how do you drive international traffic to it? One simple answer is: a translated blog.

Blogs on eCommerce sites help to optimise a website in several ways:
• Increasing the number of pages and content
• Increasing the text to code ratio
• Creating internal links back to the main website

Obviously, a well optimised site means your site will rank better in the search engines, which means you will get more visitors.

Plus, blogs are easier to update on a regular basis than product pages or other areas of a website where you have static content that hasn’t changed, such as your about us or shipping information pages.

Blogs are also a good place to publish information about topics you are expert in, which you can also share on social media.

When you write your next English blog post, send it to us for translation; Google rewards updated content, so a 500-word blog post once a week can make a difference to your international traffic.