Warehouse Express and Personal Projectors

Now, the unwritten rules of this company blog (which, post-ironically, have been written down), clearly state that any self, or client slanted, promotion is punishable by death: we have a website for such things. Having said that, and at the risk of corporate punishment, two projects deserve to have at least a little digital ink spent on them…

Most summers are remembered by an effeminate pop song, the social slaughter that is Big Brother and, in this country at least, an ongoing disappointment at the crude and rainy weather. Not so for Jenn, though, Chief Project Manager here at Web-Translations, who was pinned down with the task of coordinating the translation, localisation and launch of over 2000 products and 500, 000 words into German for online camera specialists, Warehouse Express.

As one of our biggest projects, we are understandably pleased with the results as, of course, is the client. It’s really worth looking at both the source Warehouse Express site, and the localised German Wex Cameras site to see the task Jenn had.

The name change for Europe comes after another Project Manager, Kristan, carried out two separate Brand Research projects and wrote reports based on the findings which suggested that a localised name for Germany, for a host of unexpected (and in some cases darn amusing) reasons, was the way to go.

Big thanks go to German translator, Birgit, who posponed her holiday to translate humongous batches of camera descriptions for us, too.

So that was that: You don’t begrudge us a little back slapping in light of such a well conducted localisation project, right?

And so to Personal Projector, which was challenging for other reasons. But hang on, why should you be interested?

Well, that site is one of a tiny number in this country which sells the hottest gadgets around at the moment. Namely pocket, or micro, projectors, which, errr, project, up to 100 inch images on to walls, and just about any other surface. Nintendo Wii, digital photo albums, business presentations, videos off your mobile…whatever, they can all now be displayed anywhere with these pocket projectors.

What also makes this a project worth shouting about is that we managed to create a full ecommerce site, populate it, and begin promoting it through link building and search engine submissions all in a little over 2 weeks to maximise revenue before other retailers, get hold of the little devices.

The aim, once the UK site is established, is to translate, localise and promote the site for various international markets – which has all been made easier having taken control of the project from the start.

That completes today’s little love in – thanks for your time and do excuse us – but love is what makes the world go round, isn’t it? (As well as digital cameras and personal projectors, of course.)