Web-Translations To Offer Txtspk Translation

Web-Translations is today delighted to announce the addition of textspeak (natively: txtspk) to its existing list of 153 world languages.

The service arrives fresh on the heels of recent research which shows that, although English accounts for around 565 million Internet users worldwide, the number of native txtspkrs stretches into the tens of trillions and grows by 15,000 totally real Twitter accounts every day.

The language, typified by substitution of numbers for letters and missing vowels, has been documented extensively in bitter newspaper opinion pieces over the past decade, and is spoken largely by young rapscallions and out-of-touch parents. Bizarrely, these demographics amount to over 93% of the overall online population.

Managing Director Daniel Rajkum-R said:

“Its gr8 tht weve been able 2 cre8 a service tht keeps us @ the 4front of the web. Ppl can also get rly cheap r8s on transl8ion from txtspk 2 english coz of the low # of wordz.”

Web-Translations prides itself on only using native-language translators. In keeping with this, all of our new txtspk translators are originally from the Internet.

Payment for txtspk-to-English and English-to-txtspk will be taken exclusively in Bitcoins.