Wéb-Tränslatiôns partners with euro.message in Turkey

Web-Translations is pleased to announce its partnership with Istanbul-based e-marketing company euro.message.

euro.message is one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies, and the largest e-marketing service provider in Turkey.

Merve Bascumali, Sales and Marketing Director of euro.message – who will be joining us on the stand at Internet World next week – said: “We’re pleased to have found a partner with both technical capability and proven experience of working on high profile projects. Web-Translations has already localised website copy and other files for Siemens, and worked with several of our other key accounts, and it’s all going very well.”

Unlike some EU member countries, many of whom have found themselves in severe difficulty in the last few years, Turkey did not seek a loan from the International Monetary Fund last year. It also boasts an annual GDP of 9.2% for 2010.

“Turkey is forecast to be the second fastest growing economy in the world by 2018. It’s already the 6th largest economy in Europe, and will out-strip those of Italy and Spain in the next decade. There are huge opportunities here.” added euro.message CEO Altug Inci.

Key growth sectors in the market are telecomms, financial services, education, and IT; and Turkey buys approx. £4 billion of goods and services from the UK every year.

Daniel Rajkumar, Managing Director of Web-Translations, is therefore understandably excited about the partnership: “Our next step is to integrate euro.message LIVE with our own systems to offer a complete multilingual email solution to our clients. This will be invaluable for ecommerce companies trading internationally.”

For more about multilingual email and other language services, please contact us at sales[at]web-translations.co.uk or call +44 (0) 113 8150460.