World Class Website Workshops launched!

Web-Translations are celebrating the start of their fourth year trading with the launch of a series of workshops to help businesses really make the most of their online presence.

Web-Translations has teamed up with the Regional Language Network who are based in Sheffield, to help Yorkshire businesses profit from their website and achieve international trade success-even in new markets!

If you asked five years ago what the language of the Internet was, the resounding reply would have been English, and indeed it was, as 75% of websites were then in English. However, today the answer would be very different.

Increasingly businesses are finding that being a ‘dot com’ is not actually enough. More and more advances in technology and marketing expectations mean that people expect companies to make an effort to communicate their sales message in their own language. Now, almost 70% of all Internet traffic is from non-English speaking countries, with only 25% of websites written in English and a massive 75% in other languages.

Winning business in foreign markets is more important today than ever before but the message and strategy must be right.  A simple translation is often not enough.  Businesses need to know what appeals to international customers, what wins them over and what makes them buy time and time again.  Web-Translations’ workshops will teach attendees all this and more; ensuring business success abroad.