Yorkshire businesses are well-positioned to sell into Scandinavia

Yorkshire companies are “well-positioned to sell into Scandinavia”, according to Danish business expert and former diplomat, Benny Sørensen.

At a recent event to inform businesses in the region about opportunities in Scandinavia, the organisers (Import-Export consultants SØRENSEN, and Denmark’s inward investment organisation Copenhagen Capacity, teamed with the Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce International Department)  experienced unprecedented demand from Yorkshire businesses wishing to attend, and have urged companies who are interested in trading with Scandinavian countries to act quickly to make the most of the opportunities available.

In working with one particular UK business, Mr Sørensen said they had identified a potential deal of €1 million in annual sales that would require only a modest investment of about €10,000:

“It’s easy to set up businesses and to sell your products in these markets for high prices…But you have to be prepared by doing your homework and not believe you can enter foreign markets without money in your pocket.”
“Denmark and Scandinavia are no different from any other countries,” explained Morten Jordt Duedal, Business Development Director of Denmark’s inward investment organisation Copenhagen Capacity, who was also directly involved in the event. “So any company which has got its act together, which is in charge of its distribution channels and costs and which has a strategy for the future has a good chance of selling here.”

Localising key pages of your website for Scandinavian countries is a great way to break into these markets: because Scandinavian people often speak such good English, so many companies feel they don’t need to make this effort.  However, as we’re always saying on this blog, standing out from the crowd is about going the extra mile and customers are 4 times more likely to buy from a website in their own language. This is just as true for Scandinavians as anyone else  – we’ve had great results working with Golf Online, Quiet PC and many more to launch their products in Northern Europe.

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