Yorkshire exporters will reshape the region’s recovery

According to a new Ernst & Young study, exports from Yorkshire will reach £18.3bn within the next 4 years and we can expect to see 2.2% annualised growth by 2017 – far beyond the UK average of 0.3%. This is the first UK Goods Export Monitor study conducted by Ernst & Young, and tracks international goods export data by region, sector and trade routes over the next five years.

The research also highlights that Yorkshire’s pharmaceutical sector, although relatively small, is set for big gains – the UK as a whole specialises in manufacturing drugs for export overseas, particularly to emerging markets, so the potential for growth there is huge.

David Buckley, senior partner at E&Y in Yorkshire, said: “There is a once in a generation opportunity for UK goods exporters in Yorkshire to help reshape the recovery, tapping into the sharp end of truly global supply chains, like pharmaceuticals, and made in Britain heritage brands.”

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