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Translation of legal documents to aid understanding between internal stakeholders

ALS Global is world-renowned for its testing solutions: with sites all over the globe, they provide inspection, certification and verification services for a wide range of industries, from pharmaceuticals to energy resources. Web-Translations has worked with ALS for over 5 years, aiding internal communication between offices and departments by making key legal documents accessible in other languages, such as Arabic and Portuguese.


legal translators


internal communication

The Challenge?

  • Legal documents with highly specialised terminology need to be translated
  • Urgent delivery is required so that the legal content can be promptly discussed during ALS’s internal stakeholder meetings

The Solution?

  • Professional translators with legal expertise are used in order to deliver translations that read accurately and concisely
  • ALS have a dedicated project manager with extensive experience in delivering time-sensitive projects

The Results.

  • We aid understanding for ALS Global and prevent any legal misinterpretations
  • Regular updates from the same project manager ensure that ALS are informed throughout the project cycle, allowing for a smooth process and reassured stakeholders
  • ALS has been so pleased with how we have helped them, that we have since gone on to translate a variety of other content types for them, outside the legal field

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