Ashridge Business School


Web-Translations localised the online Virtual Learning Resource Centre eLearning guides in 12 languages.

Ashridge Business School delivers executive education and management training through both traditional and online learning. As a leading international business school, Ashridge’s combination of research, experience and practical application is making a difference to global organisations.

Web-Translations provided localisation of the online Virtual Learning Resource Centre eLearning guides in 12 languages, as well as on-site consultation and support for implementing the multilingual versions as part of their CMS.

New revenue

from global subscriptions



The Challenge?

  • Localise main learning guides into 12 languages, including JavaScript quizzes, images and answer papers
  • Provide consistency of content
  • Ensure top quality translations
  • Enable cross-platform compatibility

The Solution?

  • Carefully selected business savvy translators
  • Used translation memory to ensure consistency
  • Carried out cross-browser testing of the finished site across various platforms
  • Used practical onsite consultancy to verify correct input to CMS

The Results.

  • Improved service offering to global companies
  • New revenues from global subscriptions
  • Ashridge’s eLearning department continues to be their most profitable
  • New opportunities to upsell to existing clients

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