The German ATDI website was successfully launched within weeks, and kept updated in line with the English site.

ATDI focus on developing technologies used in radio and the technologies and systems used in radio spectrum. The UK office is just one of a number of offices based around the world.

In April 2007, ATDI appointed a new in-country representative in Germany, and as a result decided to localise key pages of their website to support his work and build relationships within Germany. ATDI chose Web-Translations’ website localisation and monitoring services to help develop their strategy within the market. Web-Translations provided a low cost alternative to full website localisation, which involved localising a selection of pages complemented by SEO to enable customers could find them in German search engines. ATDI also wanted to ensure that the German website stayed as up to date as the UK site, so opted for website monitoring services after the site’s launch.

With the help of Web-Translations, the German ATDI website was successfully launched within weeks, with regular updates to keep it in line with the English site.

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It’s very refreshing to work with a company that not only responds so promptly to my queries but are always so flexible.

Sarah Sasson, Marketing Manager

The Challenge?

  • Provide an end-to-end solution for ATDI’s language, online marketing and website update needs
  • Offer a supporting website to ATDI’s German representative
  • Improve the accessibility and exposure of the ATDI website on an international level
  • Generate awareness of ATDI and its German office within German speaking markets
  • Update content on the website within short turnaround times

The Solution?

  • Used the microsite localisation service to create a German website
  • Included monitoring of the UK and German websites to ensure all relevant content in the German site was as up to date as its English counterpart
  • Assigned a Technical Project Manager to the project handle the website localisation and ongoing translations

The Results.

  • Created a professionally translated German site which supports ATDI’s work in German speaking markets
  • Ongoing translation of updates to content on the English website, with a particular focus on news and white papers
  • A dedicated translation team and Project Manager enabled rapid and effective turnaround of additional translation requirements on an ad hoc basis

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