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Following the success of a microsite to test an international market, Baker Perkins localised their entire site.

In the bakery, biscuit, confectionery, snack and breakfast cereal sectors, many of the world’s top brands rely on machinery supplied by Baker Perkins.

Baker Perkins wanted to test the popularity of their products in South America, particularly the demand for food manufacturing machinery in Argentina and Mexico. The Web-Translation microsite service was the ideal solution, and involved translating and localising key pages of the Baker Perkins English website and optimising these to generate traffic in Latin American markets.

After the success of the Latin American market testing, Baker Perkins decided to localise their entire website into Spanish.

Regular updates of the Spanish site, as well as marketing brochures in Spanish and Russian, followed the website localisation.


increase in web traffic


used for regular updates

The Challenge?

    • Increase web traffic and raise awareness in Spanish markets
    • Promote new products and innovations in new and emerging markets
    • Improve international marketing communications

The Solution?

    • Used a microsite to test French and Spanish markets
    • Fully localised the Spanish website after confirming national interest
    • Training of Project Managers to use bespoke CMS
    • Ensure high SERPs with ongoing search engine optimisation

The Results.

    • Increased web traffic by 25%
    • Awareness of brand proven in new markets (particularly success full in Mexico and Argentina)
    • Working closely with Baker Perkins has led to improvement of domestic website

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