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Localisation of recruitment website into Spanish, Finnish and Swedish.

Baltic Recruitment Services offers a professional recruitment and staffing solution to businesses looking to recruit for the tourism, farm and construction industries. Baltic Recruitment Services specialises in Polish, Eastern European and other EU staffing requirements. With two offices in the UK and offices in Poland, they help companies to find the perfect solution to their recruitment and staffing needs.

Due to the growth in the number of workers arriving in the UK from the new European Union member countries, Baltic Recruitment Services decided to expand into international markets, initially opening an office in Poland. Recognising the potential of recruiting from Eastern Europe they decided to offer their recruitment services in other Western European markets.

It was identified that key markets within Europe for their services would be Spain, Finland and Sweden, resulting in the decision to localise their website to appeal to companies based in each of these countries who were looking for a simple one-stop solution to their recruitment needs.


English website content


for Finnish keywords

The Challenge?

  • Provide new English website copy
  • Provide a localised version of Baltic Recruitment Services’ website for the Finnish, Swedish and Spanish markets
  • Encourage Finnish, Swedish and Spanish businesses looking to recruit new staff to employ Baltic Recruitment Services as their recruitment agency
  • Strengthen relationships with Baltic Recruitment Services’ offices and partners within Europe
  • Adapt the content of the site to reflect the fact that the new microsites would not be running dynamically on the server
  • Raise brand awareness within Europe

The Solution?

  • Liaised with a copywriter to create a website reflective of Baltic’s expanded vision
  • Created three localised websites to generate interest and encourage new clients to get in touch
  • Dedicated an in-house Technical Project Manager to the project, to maintain quality and provide technical solutions
  • Liaised with Baltic Recruitment’s web development team to adapt key web pages to ensure they were user friendly
  • Undertook in-country research by translators to better adapt website content for each country

The Results.

  • Launch of an informative localised website to welcome potential companies to a long term relationship with Baltic Recruitment Services
  • Increased brand awareness in each marketplace
  • Improved relationships between UK offices of Baltic Recruitment Services and international staff

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