Software localisation for a global SaaS provider

Benefex is a SaaS provider whose employee experience platform enables companies to manage employee benefits, reward and recognition schemes. With more 650 organisations in 70 countries using the software, Benefex relies on Web-Translations to provide quality translations, enabling their clients to connect with the 1.6 million employees who use the software.

From translation of the software itself, to email campaigns and advertising materials, we are thrilled to partner with Benefex to improve employee experiences.





The Challenge?

  • Localising Benefex’s OneHub software portal into 8 languages, including German, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, French for France, and French for Canada
  • Content export in Excel with embedded HTML code
  • Ensuring strings which lack context have been correctly understood and localised

The Solution?

  • Translation with proofreading by a second native-speaking linguist and QA performed by UK-based Project Managers
  • Trados Studio translation software with customised settings to ensure code is not corrupted and all translatable content has been localised
  • QC processes spot problematic strings and a feedback loop put in place to provide contextual information to linguists

The Results.

  • Translations which connect with the target audience, helping Benefex’s clients to boost employee engagement
  • Ready-to-import files with no missing translations and no corrupted code
  • Less time spent on testing after content imported

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