BrookLodge & Wells Hotel and Spa


Localisation of hotel website into French, Italian, German and Swedish, resulting in increased international bookings.

The BrookLodge & Wells Spa is a stunning luxury spa hotel deep in a spectacular Wicklow Valley, less than an hour’s drive from South Dublin.

Business Manager Eoin Doyle took advice from the Web-Translations team and localised BrookLodge’s website into French, Italian, German and Swedish to increase international bookings.


Visitors increased


Direct sales

When I met Web-Translations at an event, it was clear that they were experts in website localisation. Not only was I quoted a competitive price, but I was also convinced the team would do a good job of my website. The work was completed extremely quickly, and the customer service I received from the team was excellent. Our website is now multilingual, which has greatly assisted in our on-going campaign to attract more overseas visitors to the BrookLodge. I intend to add more languages to expand on this success.

Eoin Doyle, Business Manager
BrookLodge & Wells Hotel and Spa

The Challenge?

  • Creating a multilingual website
  • Attracting customers from European markets to holiday in Ireland

The Solution?

  • Prelocalisation  – the process of selecting content for localisation, and building a microsite on that basis
  • Using highly skilled and industry-aware translators to promote the holiday packages across Europe
  • Labelling links so visitors are aware of being taken to content in English

The Results.

  • Great number of unique visits and direct sales as a result of being easily found and accessed with European search engines
  • Website is now being primed to target new European and Asian markets

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