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Translation and localisation of product labelling to strengthen brand identity abroad

Retail giant DCS Group is arguably present in every household in the country: it is the official distributor for Gillette, Unilever, SC Johnson and a multitude of other brands, as well as the creator of toiletry brand Enliven. Not only do they specialise in design to help launch new products or strengthen brand identity, but their data analysis allows them to continuously learn from consumer behaviour and ensure that products are simple and straightforward for them to use.

Web-Translations has been DCS Group’s translation partner for over 6 years, and plays a vital role in broadening international awareness of the Enliven brand, in addition to providing support to the household names that DCS are known for.


labels created


brand exposure

The Challenge?

  • Translations are required for printed labels – the smallest typo could undermine confidence in the product and the brand
  • The brand must be consistent across languages

The Solution?

  • Proofreaders and Web-Translations’ multilingual project management team check for errors with specialised software and multiple quality assurance checks
  • DCS’ dedicated account manager is on hand to discuss brand messaging, word use etc. and subsequently inform all translators working on the project of the right approach to take

The Results.

  • Accurate, engaging translations are ready to go out into the world
  • The brand’s value is retained across countries

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