Dorchester Collection


Localisation of hotel websites into Spanish and Russian; localisation of brochures into 8 languages.

The Dorchester Collection is a hotel management company specialising in looking after iconic, luxury hotels around the world.

Web-Translations provided translations of brochures & factsheets into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese for Hotel Bel Air, New York Palace and other hotels in the Dorchester Collection group. The Japanese brochures were then typeset ready for commercial printing.

Web-Translations has also localised the New York Palace hotel website into Spanish, and websites for Le Meurice and Plaza Athénée in Russian.


for 'Hébergement Hotel Luxe Paris'


for 'Hébergement 5 étoiles Paris'

The Challenge?

  • Getting the tone and style of the translation right.
  • Localising every area of the websites to deliver a complete visitor experience for each language version.
  • Maintaining the feel of the Dorchester Collection brand across multiple platforms.

The Solution?

  • Careful selection of translators from our database of tried and trusted specialists.
  • Our proven method of localising websites: Strategic Approach to Localisation, combined with experienced Project Managers to ensure a thorough job.
  • Using the English website as a template, we replace all the content with the translated version.

The Results.

  • A professional website that gives a positive impression of each hotel in the Dorchester Collection group.
  • A complete localised experience for the visitor that encourages them to browse through the website and make a booking.
  • The brand retains its integrity and becomes more recognisable in new target markets.

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