FC Barcelona


Successful back-translation of existing articles in 4 languages to ensure quality.

Futbol Club Barcelona was founded on 29 November 1899. Today, football is a global phenomenon and support for Barcelona has spread spectacularly around the world. The number of club members from outside of Catalonia and Spain increases daily, which has driven the club to respond to the show of international passion for Barça.

FC Barcelona wanted to be sure of the quality of various news articles that it has translated into Chinese, Korean, Arabic and Japanese. Web-Translations back-translated a selection of articles on a monthly basis.





The Challenge?

  • Quality concerns over articles previously translated by another agency
  • Convey the enthusiasm and passion of Barça’s fans for the sport
  • Work with a fast turnaround
  • Provide a regular, consistent service for all FC Barcelona’s languages needs

The Solution?

  • Selected specialised linguists for their interest and experience in football, providing back-translations for quality assurance purposes
  • Used approved reviewers to always work on this material
  • Utilised efficient project management and priority treatment – maintained a regular publishing schedule to enable effective planning

The Results.

  • Provides reassurance of the quality of Barça’s translated articles
  • Fast response means they can publish articles quickly once checked
  • There is a team they can rely on for any translation job

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