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Localisation of GHM’s corporate site into Japanese and Simplified Chinese, as well as the sites of 8 of their luxury hotels.

Established in 1992, General Hotel Management Ltd. (GHM) is known for conceptualising, developing and operating an exclusive group of hotels and resorts. With an expansive portfolio and more projects in the pipeline, GHM prides itself in providing guests with a distinctive lifestyle experience that is unrivalled.

To maximise their presence in the Japanese and Chinese markets, GHM selected Web-Translations to localise their corporate site and the sites of 8 of their luxury hotels. A full localisation of the website into these two languages was undertaken to attract traffic from those key markets.

GHM are currently opening a new location in Switzerland, and the website for that hotel will be available in German, Italian and Russian.




Japan and China

We’ve been working with Web Translations since early 2012 when we launched our Japanese website. We’ve since localised our website into Chinese as well. The Project Managers are prompt, communicative, responsive and accommodating to our needs. Finding a suitable linguist to suit the GHM-style is often a challenge, due to the travel-editorial-style nature of the website copy, however the Web-Translations team were able to cater to our needs by overcome this by sourcing an excellent panel of linguists for the languages featured on our website.

Liza Latif-Grossinsky, Digital Marketing Manager
General Hotel Management Limited

The Challenge?

  • Ensuring the GHM brand was accurately portrayed as a top-end luxury brand
  • Maintaining consistency for the GHM brand across multiple languages and websites

The Solution?

  • Expert translators based in-country were chosen to produce translations which reflect current Japanese and Chinese culture
  • Use of translation memory to ensure consistency and reduce costs

The Results.

  • Localised websites to appeal to the Japanese and Chinese markets, which also maintain the feel of the GHM brand
  • GHM can now realise their plans to expand in Europe off the back of this success

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