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Golf Online used localised microsites to test 9 markets, then expanded these by adding more content.

Golf Online is the UK’s favourite dedicated online golf equipment retailer. They wanted to expand into a number of markets, but were unsure where their investment would reap the most rewards.

In 2009. Golf Online decided to use microsite creation service, localising only key pages in attempt to attract visitors and direct them to the English eCommerce site, in order to test 9 overseas markets: Spain, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Russia.

In 2013, armed with several years of data, Golf Online returned to Web-Translations for further development of these sites as well as the creation of new sites for Sweden and Norway.


in Spanish and French


client after successful localisation

The Challenge?

  • Find out which markets to target as part of Golf Online’s international marketing strategy.
  • Create an online presence for each of 9 target markets.
  • Keep the look and feel of the Golf Online brand across all the sites.

The Solution?

  • Test the chosen target markets using our microsite creation service.
  • Create a microsite for each language, and translate the text content for this page.
  • Use the UK site as a basis for building the foreign microsites.

The Results.

  • Over 2,700 visitors in first 3 weeks!
  • Sales from new target markets as a result of the localised web pages.
  • Further investment in all languages, and addition of 2 new markets.
  • #1 SERP for Tienda de golf líder (Spanish).
  • #1 SERP for Magasin leader sur l’équipement de golf (French).
  • #3 SERP for Il posto migliore per attrezzatura da golf (Italian).

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