Web-Translations provided translation of web copy, email newsletters, and other text in the 7 languages featured on the Jet2 website.

Jet2 is a well-known UK budget airline, serving over 50 international airports across Europe.

Web-Translations has provided translation of website copy, email newsletters, and other text in the 7 languages featured on the Jet2 website.


Prompt delivery of urgent requests


Inbound sales

We always need translations for all sorts of purposes done quickly, and in a range of languages. What’s also important to us is feeling confident of the quality we are getting from a provider. Web-Translations is able to meet all our requirements, and the service is prompt and efficient.

Rachel Farr, Inbound Sales & Marketing Manager

The Challenge?

    • Deal with urgent requests for translations into various different languages
    • Get the marketing copy just right
    • Handle a range of different file formats

The Solution?

    • Carefully selected a team of expert marketing translators for the key languages needed by Jet2
    • Utilised our expert Project Managers who are experienced in working with a variety of file formats
    • Placed each piece of text with a translator as soon as possible through efficient project management

The Results.

    • Jet2 can communicate effectively across different markets
    • Inbound sales increase as more international customers use Jet2 for their trips to the UK
    • There is vast potential for Jet2 to expand into different languages and countries

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