Localisation of marketing collateral, both online and offline, into Spanish, French and Russian.

Magicard is a leading producer of hardware and software for ID card printing and issuance. With a successful UK HQ and US office, the company has more recently been working on expanding their business across Europe, and chose Web-Translations to help with this.

To expand the scope of their business, Magicard knew that they needed to be able to market some of their key products in other major world languages. Web-Translations oversaw the translation of marketing collateral into Spanish, French and Russian, using highly skilled linguists with a background in IT and technical translation. By providing linguists with detailed resources regarding stylistic preferences and product knowledge information, Web-Translations could achieve a uniform written style across all languages, and ensure that each text was technically sound. Seeing the potential for the further expansion of their products in Russia, Magicard have now commissioned Web-Translations with the translation of key pages on their website into Russian.


into European market


specialist translators

The Challenge?

  • Translate product descriptions for highly technical pieces of software and hardware in a niche industry
  • Ensure consistency across languages
  • Combining technical writing with more creative marketing copy

The Solution?

  • Selecting well-rounded translators with experience across technical and creative disciplines
  • Providing support for translators with terminology queries, and relaying all necessary points to the client
  • Distributing updated reference materials to all linguists

The Results.

  • Repeat business across different languages
  • Facilitating the client’s expansion into the Russian-speaking market

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