Mobile Fun


Brand Research, localisation of eCommerce site and subsequent email solution for French and German markets.

Mobile Fun is an online vendor of mobile phones, parts, ringtones and accessories.

After its successes in the UK market, Mobile Fun decided that the time was right to create an international online presence by translating their eCommerce website into French and German. Their aim was to drive business growth by localising the website and advertising their products in these key European markets.

With the help of Web-Translations, the new Mobile Fun websites were successfully launched within weeks. The success of the new websites and associated online advertising campaigns created a new challenge, as a steady flow of non-English email enquiries began to arrive on a daily basis. Web-Translations supplied a fast and accurate email translation service to help Mobile Fun’s customer service team as they answered daily customer enquiries.

Branding + domain name



localisation into French and German

Mobile Fun is looking for a long term relationship with a credible, capable and committed partner. Web-Translations has met this requirement by providing a consistently high quality of service and superb account management. We are confident that Web-Translations will meet our growing needs as we develop our offering further in existing and new territories.

Simon Joseph, Head of Sales & Marketing
Mobile Fun

The Challenge?

  • To provide an end-to-end solution for Mobile Fun’s language and online marketing needs
  • Win new business for Mobile Fun in non-English markets
  • Improve the accessibility and exposure of the Mobile Fun website on an international level
  • Generate awareness of Mobile Fun’s products in the French and German markets
  • Translate French and German email enquiries

The Solution?

  • Localisation services to create websites for the French and German markets
  • Individual domain name consultancy to help Mobile Fun choose appropriate website addresses for the new countries and languages
  • Branding consultancy to create the most appropriate company name and strapline for Mobile Fun in each target market
  • Email translation solution for fast and accurate email enquiry translations

The Results.

  • European eMarketing campaigns to boost Mobile Fun’s profile in new European markets
  • Ongoing daily translation of non-English email enquiries
  • Localised branding and strap lines appropriate for each market place
  • Dedicated translation team and dedicated Project Manager to enable rapid and effective turnaround of additional translation requirements on an ad hoc basis

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