Paule Ka


Localisation of French eCommerce website into English for high-end fashion retailer.

Paule Ka is a French luxury fashion brand specialising in ‘ready to wear’ clothing with an elegant feel. As a modern, digital-savvy alternative to the traditional French boutique, Paule Ka uses their eCommerce website to market products to both French and English-speaking clients. Web-Translations has been supplying Paule Ka with regular translation work since 2013, focused predominantly on the translation of their product catalogue.

Luxury fashion is a technical specialism like any other. Linguists assigned to Paule Ka have proven experience in both fashion retail and textiles; this ensures that our translations are accurate, whilst also being appealing pieces of eCommerce text. Utilising MemoQ’s advanced quality assurance features to meet the client’s needs regarding formatting, punctuation and spacing across all deliverables has helped Web-Translations to deliver consistent and high-quality translations which meet the client’s specifications.

Our translations can be viewed on the Paule Ka website.




specialised translators

The Challenge?

  • Source content includes technical product descriptions without context or reference materials
  • Ensure that terminology is consistent across orders
  • Ensure that descriptions are accurate and in line with current textiles terminology
  • Maintain the client’s formatting requirements

The Solution?

  • Using translation memory software to ensure consistent terminology
  • close reference to the client’s website by linguists and a dedicated Project Manager
  • Working with translators who are confident with specific textiles terminology
  • Using MemoQ’s quality assurance features to ensure formatting requirements are adhered to every time

The Results.

  • Improved international presence for Paule Ka
  • Satisfied customer for over five years
  • The eCommerce team have referred Web-Translations to colleagues for internal work

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