Polar Instruments


Consultancy and market research prior to creating localised websites, which led to increased traffic and international orders.

Polar Instruments manufacture printed circuit board testing equipment. Although operating in a niche industry, Polar Instruments recognised their global potential. The next step in their business development strategy was to win new business by offering what they do best in new and emerging markets, with particular efforts in the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Web-Translations localised key content on the Polar Instruments website with regular updates made to the site and ongoing translation checking taking place. Web-Translations has successfully managed relationships with Polar Instruments’ distributors and developed excellent communication channels for accurate and rapid translation workflows.

Web-Translations’ ability to work alongside our international sales organisation is key in having professionally localised content in a highly specialised market segment.


International consultancy

Increased sales

in Japan and China

Polar Instruments chose Web-Translations as a one stop shop for maintaining the international side of our website. Web-Translations' ability to work alongside our international sales organisation is key in having professionally localised content in a highly specialised market segment.

Martyn Gaudion, Marketing Manager
Polar Instruments

The Challenge?

  • Research and prove the potential of Asian markets
  • Strengthen distributor relationships in the Japanese and Chinese markets
  • Improve website accessibility and exposure
  • Win new business and generate new leads
  • Exploit the export potential and grow business profitability
  • Deliver brand awareness internationally

The Solution?

  • Carried out international eBusiness consultancy to provide a Global Design, Build and Maintain solution which included:
    • Market Research to identify four major markets
    • Website localisation to generate interest and initiate new relations
    • Identification of single most profitable key market: Japan
    • Brochure TransCreation into Japanese
    • Software localisation
    • Ongoing online promotion to generate a steady increase in website traffic and new business leads

The Results.

  • Japan is now the fastest growing market and identified as potentially the most profitable
  • Polar Instruments now receive enquiries from all over the world and are able to take international orders
  • English visitors now account for 55% of traffic; 30% Japanese, 10% Chinese, 5% Other/Unknown
  • Polar Instruments continue to use Web-Translations services to develop new business in China

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