Small Luxury Hotels of the World™


Localisation of booking system, user interface and individual hotel descriptions into 6 languages.

Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ is a collection of over 500 hotels spanning more than 70 countries. It provides its members with the benefits of a large hotel chain while allowing them to preserve their independence and individuality.

Small Luxury Hotels wanted to offer multilingual websites as an option to its members, and so decided to start by localizing its own website into 6 languages as a showcase. This project included localisation of the entire interface and booking engine, as well as individual hotel descriptions.

Since beginning this project Web-Translations has also localised several individual hotel profiles for Small Luxury Hotels of the World™ members.




international web traffic and sales

The Challenge?

  • Extracting the translatable content from the SLH content management system
  • Getting the style and tone right for the SLH brand
  • Handling a range of different file formats
  • Short turnaround time for some sections of the site

The Solution?

  • Working with SLH’s web agency to ensure all content was successfully extracted
  • A team of expert marketing translators carefully selected by our Project Managers
  • Our experienced Project Managers can handle a variety of file formats
  • Efficient Project Management to place each piece of text with a translator as soon as possible

The Results.

  • SLH and its member hotels benefit from increased  international web traffic
  • Members have the option to localise their individual profiles and increase revenue from international sales
  • There is vast potential for SLH to expand into different languages and countries

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