Translation consultancy and in-depth keyword research for multiple markets.

Sony Europe commissioned Web-Translations to provide consultative services in the areas of translation management and international eMarketing.

Several years ago, Sony Europe was looking for a project management system which could integrate with the extensive translation memories and glossaries they had built up over time. After meeting Sony’s eBusiness Manager at a trade show, Web-Translations was commissioned to research and identify a project management system which would integrate with translation memory software to oversee the coordination of marketing projects in great detail.

More recently, Sony Europe tasked Web-Translations with providing extensive keyword research in 10 markets for its professional products. Focusing on specific key product categories, Web-Translations outlined the prevailing trends in the search markets in question, taking linguistic factors, in-country search volumes, and competition metrics into consideration. For each market, Web-Translations established a hitlist of relevant, valuable terms and provided insight into the dynamics surrounding these, before finally drawing conclusions as to an overall strategy and a granular strategy to improve Sony’s search position in the particular market.





The Challenge?

  • Project Management system selection from 800 possible applications
  • Researching keywords for 10 different markets to product keyword hitlists and eMarketing strategy, including languages with non-Latin character sets, and markets with leading search engines other than Google

The Solution?

  • An initial on-site consultation was arranged to identify criteria for the Project Management tool project; 5 applications were shortlisted to investigate in great detail
  • Working with translators to compile a phrase list of 200 to 500 terms per language, which was then refined to a hitlist of 50 to 100 target keywords based on a number of criteria including suitability, reliability and any industry search trends
  • Competitor analysis: identification of 3 main competitors per market in organic and paid search, then analysis of their SERPs, backlinks and onpage optimisation
  • Keyword mapping: selected keywords were mapped to specific pages of the website and integrated with the existing content
  • Strategic planning: recommendations were made for online marketing using the selected keywords



The Results.

  • From the top 5 Project Management tool applications, an application was chosen that best met the criteria
  • Bringing together accumulated knowledge of search market dynamics to establish a thorough and high-reaching roadmap for ongoing optimisation

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