Leveraging web technologies to reach an international customer base, SportsShoes saw increased traffic after creation of 12 microsites.

Started in 1982 by professional footballer Bruce Bannister as a bricks and mortar retailer, SportsShoes launched a successful mail order service in 1985, and moved quickly into online trading with

Referred to Web-Translations by one of our satisfied customers, SportsShoes commissioned Web-Translations to create 12 localised microsites. An experienced project management team identified solutions that allowed the integration of the localised microsites with the SportsShoes eCommerce platform.

The microsites are intended to act as a gateway for international visitors, welcoming them to the site, and linking them to the English eCommerce platform where they can browse and purchase in English.

IP geolocation technology was used to direct visitors from the various countries to the target microsites. Visitors with a Turkish IP address, for example, are directed to the Turkish microsite.

Leveraging web technologies to reach an international customer base, SportsShoes saw increased traffic from the targeted countries, with Spanish, Greek and French shoppers leading the way.

2000+ Spanish visits

in 1st week after launch

Bounce Rate Halved

after localisation

The Challenge?

  • Integrating microsites with bespoke eCommerce platform
  • Directing visitors to correct landing page
  • Well-written copy to entice visitors to the English site

The Solution?

  • Project management team experienced with eCommerce platforms
  • Geographical IP look-up to direct visitors to targeted landing page
  • Specialised marketing translators with years of experience



The Results.

  • Visitors to the localised pages have access to key information including delivery costs, details about the company as well as best selling products.  Clicking on links yields a pop-up box alerting the visitor that they will be taken to the English site to purchase. The connection is seamless
  • Visitors are directed automatically to the correct landing page depending upon their location
  • Well-written content, providing the information required, which increases the trust value and encourages clickthrough to the English site

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