Tony Gee


Website Design, Development and Maintenance for UK and Hong Kong websites

Tony Gee and Partners are specialist consulting engineers, providing engineering designs for both temporary and permanent works across all construction sectors.  Based in Kent, they have seven offices in the UK as well as offices in Hong Kong, UAE and Malaysia.

Web-Translations was selected to design, develop and maintain Tony Gee’s UK and Hong Kong websites.

10+ years

of working with WT

Website Design

and Development Services

The Challenge?

  • Connecting the UK and overseas offices with coherent, coordinated marketing, but with localised content
  • A way for the marketing team in each office to easily update their local website
  • Marketing teams don’t have the time to liaise directly with web designers and developers
  • Marketing teams want a managed solution for their website hosting and maintenance

The Solution?

  • Maintaining separate but linked websites for the UK and Hong Kong using WordPress Multisite
  • Successive redesigns to keep the look and function of the site updated; implemented in 2011, 2016, 2018 and 2019
  • Project-managed development and design
  • Arrangement of website hosting
  • Regular updates to WordPress and associated plugins

The Results.

  • A website that’s easy for marketing teams in both Hong Kong and the UK to maintain
  • No need for the marketing team to worry about hosting, the CMS, or other website problems
  • Improved recruitment and marketing functionality
  • Localised content with consistent and on-brand marketing across the different regions


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