Translation of email correspondence between French clients and Totesport’s UK customer service department, using our automated system.

Totesport is a major gaming organisation, with over 450 shops and 4000 employees in the UK. Totesport offers a comprehensive multi-channel way for people to bet on sports events across the globe.

When Totesport decided to launch a French online casino, they needed a reliable partner to provide high-quality translation and localisation of their website content. They also required a translation solution that would enable their English customer services team to handle enquiries in French.

Web-Translations worked with Totesport to deliver a fast and accurate translation and localisation service for the website. Once the website was ready, Web-Translations’ Email Relay Translation (ERT) solution was set up for the translation of customer service emails. Enquiries from French customers
were translated into English, the customer services team responds in English and their responses were translated back into French, providing the French customer with a reply to their query, in their language.

All of Web-Translations’ services met and surpassed the exacting standards of Totesport’s service level agreements.


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Totesport chose Web-Translations for their ability to meet our requirements for fast turnaround times on website and email translation as we look to move into the European market

Josh Darby, Casino Operations Manager

The Challenge?

  • To pro vide high-quality translation and localisation of Totesport website copy for use on

  • To translate standard pre-written customer services responses to frequently asked questions

  • To provide ongoing translation of customer service emails from French into English and back again

  • To meet service level agreements

The Solution?

  • Translation and localisation of website copy into French, with additional proofreading in French to ensure accuracy and consistency

  • Web-Translations’ Email Relay Translation (ERT) solution for fast and effective two-way translations of customer service emails, working with translators around the globe to ensure 24-hour availability of translators

  • ERT customer service translations at a rate of 200 words an hour to ensure fast responses to customer enquiries


The Results.

  • Clear, concise and accurate translations into French

  • Creation of an email translation system with the capacity to translate 4,000 emails per day

  • Average translation turnaround of 243 words an hour

  • Professional high-quality translations give French customers the impression that their enquiries are handled in their own country

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