University of Dundee


Translation of medical research consent forms and patient reported outcome measures into multiple languages

The University of Dundee’s School of Medicine is one of the UK’s largest teaching hospitals, working in partnership with the NHS as well as international organisations to deliver world-class research on cancer, neuroscience and other fields of healthcare.

Web-Translations is honoured to have helped the university with their critical research for over 6 years. We translate participant consent forms, patient reported outcome measures (PROMs), legal documents and we also carry out back-translations and other key quality control procedures.


languages required

Medical and legal


The Challenge?

  • A wide range of languages are required to optimise Dundee’s international research
  • Medical terminology and content need to be accurate but also made accessible to members of the public who don’t have a background in medicine

The Solution?

  • We have a vast network of trusted linguists who are based in Dundee’s target countries, meaning that they can always keep up to date with developments in language and word use
  • We use translators with medicine as a specialism who are also accustomed to writing in the accessible style that Dundee requires

The Results.

  • Dundee can reach out globally for their research participants, and with localised PROMs they can monitor patient progress, facilitate communication between professionals and patients and help improve the quality of health services.
  • Legal document translations mean there is improved understanding and cooperation between the university and other institutions, regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Research participants are made to feel at ease, with no language barrier or unclear terminology confusing them

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