Localisation of 9 separate Wordpress installations, followed by regular source content monitoring and updates.

Vidyo provides high definition video conferencing over general data networks and the internet, using off-the-shelf devices. With an award-winning software based platform, Vidyo’s solutions make HD-quality video conferencing available to everyone, over any network, and to any endpoint.

Having decided to localise their full WordPress website into 9 languages, Vidyo chose Web-Translations as an experienced localisation partner. Initially, Web-Translations localised the website into Japanese to support Vidyo in winning an important Japanese contract. After seeing the result, Vidyo added 8 other languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Korean.

The extensive video content was dubbed into Japanese, and subtitled for the remaining languages, to improve the user experience of the multilingual site. Product datasheets, press releases and other marketing materials have also been translated. For two and a half years, Web-Translations has monitored the English site, updating the multilingual versions so that they remain consistent with the primary English site.


Different languages


bespoke installations

We have been really happy with the quality of the translation and the level of support and guidance that you have provided on our projects.

Debbie McDermott, Marketing Manager

The Challenge?

  • Maintaining the Vidyo brand and corporate style across different languages and cultures
  • A tight deadline within which to localise the Japanese site
  • Extensive video content throughout the website
  • Bespoke WordPress site
  • Updating the localised sites in line with modifications to the English site

The Solution?

  • Vidyo provided clear guidelines and comprehensive reference material to guide our translators
  • An efficient team of specialised translators coordinated by our Project Managers
  • Project Managers experienced with WordPress installations
  • Working with a tried-and-trusted partner to provide video dubbing
  • Monitoring service to track updates to the English site

The Results.

  • A uniform, professional feel across different language versions of the Vidyo website
  • Impressive, well-written websites that inspire confidence in customers
  • Increased sales for Vidyo in key target markets
  • Separate WordPress installations for each language that are updated regularly

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