eCommerce Platforms Part 1 – Which type is best for your business?

The variety of eCommerce software available means there is something out there to suit each and every business. It is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options, and the subtleties in difference between some of the products. To get started we are going to discuss the 3 types of platform on offer; Hosted, Open Source and Hosted Shopping Cart. By highlighting the main features, benefits and limitations of platforms in these categories, you should be able to deduce which category is going to suit your business the best. The right platform will give you all the tools you need to grow your business, whilst taking care of the behind the scenes technical tasks that can often hold us back.


Amazon – Your Other Online Shop

Many of our eCommerce clients sell on Amazon alongside their own eShops. But why would they do this? Isn’t that twice the work? Amazon is a sales channel that you should be taking advantage of. Yes, it will require some time and effort to get going, but it certainly won’t double your workload. To begin with you will need to create an account and upload your products. This can be done manually one-by-one, or via a csv file. Amazon provide the template for you, all you need to do is fill in the required information.


eCommerce Best Practice – A Shopper’s View (1)

Driving traffic to an eCommerce site requires time, effort and money. A carefully planned out eMarketing campaign will ensure new visits to your site, and encourage previous customers to repeat buy. Before making a substantial investment in a marketing campaign however, you need to set out your stall and ensure your goods are well presented, otherwise you risk wasting your money. The slightest annoyance or obstacle encountered on your website can put a potential customer off buying, or taking the action that you desire. Have a browse at this eCommerce best practice guide to ensure your visitors are converted into customers, and are not deterred by any aspect of your site.


Victorian Plumbing launches new microsites

We are pleased to announce the launch of new microsites for Victorian Plumbing targeting top European markets such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Victorian Plumbing started in 1999, specialising in original and antique bathroom fixtures and fittings. In 2003, they expanded their range to include many well-known brands, and now offer products ranging from the ultra-modern to more traditional ranges. With a showroom in Formby, Merseyside, customers can also purchase through their catalogue and from their online eCommerce shop. Victorian Plumbing used our microsite creation service to create landing pages in 10 languages, as well as additional pages providing information about the company and shipping details. The microsites welcome visitors from other European markets, acting as portals to the English eCommerce site. The pages were localised by professional translators in order to create content that sounds natural to readers, and all translations were proofread by a second native linguist. Our skilled Project Management team not only created bespoke microsites, […]


Smart strategies for online growth

With online retail predicted to grow steadily in the near future, UK eTailers should take advantage of the opportunity to go global. Forecast online retail growth rates for 2013-2017, as determined by a Nielson/PayPal study this year: 12%   France 14%   Australia 21%   Brazil 13%   Germany 10%   US 18%   Italy 19%  Spain 18%   Russia 10%   UK 20%   China There are 4 main primary strategies for entering the global eCommerce marketplace: Localise your entire eCommerce platform for your target languages Localise key landing pages for your target languages, and link these to your English eCommerce site where visitors can purchase items from your English website Localise key pages of your website, linking them to localised product listings on Amazon or eBay, where visitors can purchase in their own language Localise product descriptions and put your products on eBay, Amazon or other online marketplace


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