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The most efficient method of regularly updating your website with new content is to set up and maintain a blog. A blog will allow you to post articles of interest to your target audience, and position your company as experts in your field of business.

Blogs have evolved from the refuge of the opinionated into the absolute foundation of successful online marketing. A blog gives you the freedom to create your own fresh, targeted content, which will help you to attract and retain customers.

Many of our clients are concerned about the work involved in maintaining a multilingual blog. Our project managers ensure that the process of creating and localising content is smooth and efficient, and assume responsibility for maintaining the resource. Web-Translations is a content marketing agency experienced in the creation and distribution of first-rate copy, and has developed an excellent team of multilingual copywriters.

By launching localised blogs with content relating to party themes, seasonal advice and general tips, you will see benefits for your multilingual sites in the following areas:

Fresh Content

Google favours sites which publish regular and helpful content. Regularly updated blogs will signal to Google that your sites are active sources of relevant information, and boost each site’s standing because the search engine classifies it as a useful result to display.

Blog posts can be used to target specified ‘long-tail’ keywords which are uncompetitive due to their niche nature but generally bring engaged visitors. Often, when a blog covers a diverse range of topics, it picks up direct visitors from unexpected search queries.

Links from Other Sites

People link to interesting and engaging content. By producing regular and high-quality content, it is expected that your sites will receive a number of backlinks which will boost each site’s authority from a search engine’s perspective.

1:9:90 Rule:
1 Creator produces content > Curated/Shared by 9 people > Consumed by 90


Internal Linking Structure

The control that comes with a blog enables you to link to other content on your site, thereby telling Google which pages are about which topics, and directing keyword flow through your site to ensure Google has the right page of your site in mind for every search term.

E-mail Newsletter

By writing regular blog posts and setting up an e-mail newsletter to distribute those articles to subscribers you can target them with topical or attractive campaigns enabling your multilingual websites to develop long-term relationships with new and existing customers alike.

Social Media Content

Blog posts will provide content to push on various social media networks in order to drive traffic based on specific campaigns and to create a more active dialogue with your European customer base.

Holistic Online Identity

A blog will boost the general profile of your multilingual sites by presenting them as an authority in your sector.

Many of these benefits feed into each other by encouraging extra sharing of content and boosting each site’s overall online presence.

Talk to us about how your on-site content can drive your whole online strategy.

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