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Make sure that your brand names are appropriate for your target market before you launch.

Make sure that your brand names and straplines are appropriate for your target market before you launch, or if a localised alternative is preferable.

Managing your brand identity as you expand internationally can be very challenging.

To reach the full potential of a brand in diverse markets, you need to find the balance between an optimum fit of the brand with local circumstances and the desire to maintain brand consistency across all your international markets. Your branding and product names need to be appropriate for the target audience and represent your company in a positive light, creating potential for growth, market adoption and success.

How confident are you that your brand has no insulting or negative connotations in the language of the countries you intend to trade in?

There are many famous examples of multinational companies not adequately researching their brand localisation in new markets with dire consequences:

  • The Pepsi slogan “Come alive with the Pepsi Generation” was translated to “Pepsi brings your ancestors back from the grave”
  • KFC’s slogan “Finger Licking Good” was translated to “Eat your fingers off”

This is simply the result of poor research and sub-standard translation. Cutting corners on research can turn your product or brand into a laughing stock, and who wants to be the next example that everyone remembers for the wrong reasons?

Our research will identify whether your company name, products or trademarks have specific meanings and connotations in your target markets by posing detailed questions to marketing experts in the relevant country. Our expert team will check your brand for any unwanted connotations, and make recommendations on whether to localise it.

Priced per language, Brand Research is designed to determine whether adaptation (localisation) or standardisation of a brand or product name is the best approach based on a number of independent viewpoints, to ensure your product gains the most favourable exposure in your new markets and wins customers.

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