Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If your business objective is to achieve results from your launch into international markets within a short timeframe, then Pay Per Click advertising is essential to your global marketing strategy. Paid search offers a quick way to score high search engine results positions, which in turn drives more traffic to your website and builds brand awareness.

There are several stages to a successful multilingual PPC strategy:


Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is crucial to developing PPC campaigns that convert visitors to customers. We research the best keywords to use in your adverts based on search volume, cost per click, cost per action, and the level of competition from other bidders.

Target relevant Search Engines

Google is the market leader in most countries, but for certain markets other major competitors exist. We can help you create campaigns in the most popular search engines for your target markets.

Create compelling adverts

PPC only allows a few words to get your message across and persuade a potential customer to take action. We work with native professional linguists to produce effective adverts that deliver traffic to your site.

Ensure Conversion

Building great landing pages is vital, as this will make the difference between success and failure of your campaign. A successful landing page makes it as easy as possible for visitors to make a purchase.

Evaluate and Refine

Monitoring performance of your PPC campaigns will flag up any areas for improvement, allowing us to make adjustments to improve results.


Talk to us about how to incorporate PPC into your eMarketing strategy.

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