Structured Data

Structured Data improves SEO

Google’s understanding of websites is improving, and it is beginning to pass that knowledge onto customers through the use of Structured Data. This clean and Google-recommended practice involves the addition of code snippets to a webpage to signpost certain types of information.

The star ratings representing product reviews are an obvious example of structured data in use on a eCommerce website.

This method of flagging content is especially beneficial for eCommerce websites. Structured Data enhances the appearance of your website listing in search results by highlighting additional information to the search engines, including pricing, product variations, images, reviews, and even stock availability. For example:


The practice of Structured Data has been found to have fantastic effects on the click-through rate of search listings on results pages. Before long, this method will become a necessary requirement to compete, so integrating it into your website early on will give you an edge over your competitors.

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