PAYG Translation

PAYG Translation makes updating your multilingual content easy. Essentially, you buy words upfront that can then be used for content translation as you need them.

Discounted rates and less admin make updating your multilingual content easy!

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With Pay-As-You-Go translation you effectively bulk-buy translation ‘credit’ to use as and when you need, without the hassle of quotations and invoices.

PAYG translation is a cost-effective option for dynamic online content such as news or a product catalogue, as well as for offline content such as brochures or emails.

The service saves time and money, and our Pay-As-You-Go Translation packages give you significant discounts on 90 languages when you buy in bulk.

The rate for a PAYG contract can be as much as 7 pence a word cheaper than prices quoted per document, depending on which languages you require and which size contract you buy, which makes it perfect for seamless updates of any size.  With proofreading by a second linguist included as standard, it’s simple!

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