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Translation in simple terms is the process of transmitting a written message from one language, known as the “source” language; into another, referred to as the “target” language. In practice however, translation is so much more than a straightforward transfer of information between different languages.

The translation process requires the translator to gain a full understanding of the source text, and then use their native language skills to convey that message as accurately and clearly as possible. This process is not something that any machine or software can replicate, and here at Web-Translations, we believe that technology will never be able to fully replace the role of professionally trained human translators. Read more about translation memory and other technologies that we use.

Whether the project in question involves document translation services, or website localisation, our translators only translate into their mother tongue, and have extensive experience in their specialised subject field; what’s more we include proofreading by a second native translator as standard for all projects, to reduce the margin for human error and give your completed translation a final polish.

As a full service translation agency, we translate all types of text:


When your project begins, we put together a team of specialised translators from our extensive database, ensuring that the best possible experts work on your project. No matter how niche or complex your documents or website content are, you can rest assured that we have suitable linguists available to work on it and produce an excellent standard of professional translation.

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From SEO to multimedia, PPC ads to downloadable brochures... we can help with all your digital requirements in addition to website translations. Plus, our translators are each specialised in a particular industry; there is no 'one size fits all' here!

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