Translation Audit

Have translated content you're not too sure about? Our Translation Audit service can provide the insights you need.

The quality of your translated material reflects the quality of your product or service.  Visitor confidence is critical for your customer relationship; poor translations cost you substantially in terms of lost opportunities.  

Your translation audit report provides you with recommendations and information that can be used to improve your copy. 

A high-quality translation will read as fluently in the target language as it does in the original. Ideally, no-one should be able to tell that it’s a translation.

The quality of your copy has a huge influence on those who read it, in any language. Your promotional material must convey your message with impactIf your brochure or web-copy is poorly translated, the reader will form a negative opinion of your organisation. A simple error can mean the difference of winning a new customer, or losing their business forever.   

When it comes to translationyou often won’t know how good or bad the translation is; relying on the feedback of disgruntled customers is not a good way to find out. 


The Translation Audit examines 10 URLs of your choice, or various offline materials, where reviewers focus on: 


  • How true is it to the original?


  • Is it the right level of formal/informal for the target audience?

Style and Readability

  • Is the style appropriate for the type of content and target audience? Is the text easy to read?


  • Have jargon, colloquialisms, idiomatic expressions been rendered correctly? Has specialised terminology been translated correctly?

Complexity, Clarity, Consistency

  • Is the text suitable for the target audience in terms of complexity? Is it clear and well-written? Are terms used consistent within the pages reviewed?

Local references

  • Geographical references updated? Figures correctly formatted? Currencies, time, date all localised?

Grammar and spelling

  • How much care has been taken when editing the translation?


£300 +VAT per language 

You will receive: 

  • An assessment of how serious any errors are 
  • Expert recommendations on where and how the copy may be improved  
  • Comments on the design and layout

From the audit report, you can be confident of your translations, or make an informed decision to update, proofread or retranslate your content. 

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