CMS Collaboration

Collaborate with our team to localise your CMS.

Our team will work directly in your CMS to provide you with a fully localised site.

From our experience of working with Content Management Systems, we know that there are many unique considerations when it comes to the localisation process, and we have developed a tailored approach to perfectly fit the needs of our clients.

We are experts in a wide range of CMSs, including those custom-built for our clients. We migrated our own website’s static HTML files to WordPress several years ago, and localised it into Spanish, so we really do understand!

Our helpful team can take an export from the CMS, translate it, and insert the translations back into the CMS. The length of time this takes is dependent on the type of platform.

Liaise with our team to find the best way to translate your site, whether in its entirety or simply an update of a few pages.

With our PAYG bundles, you can purchase wordcount credit and use it for the initial translation or updates. Alternatively, we can price on a per-word basis.

Read more about CMSs in our Expertise page…

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