eCommerce Website Localisation

Your eCommerce website is your most important marketing asset - maximise your international potential by investing in professional localisation.

As an eTailer, your website is your most important marketing asset and can play a significant role in growing your business globally. With a professionally translated and well-optimised website, you can easily be found in foreign search engines in order to generate traffic to your website.

A multilingual website is an excellent way to launch your business in new markets and open the door to international trade.

From our experience of working with eCommerce sites, we know that there are many unique considerations when it comes to the localisation process, and we have developed a tailored approach to perfectly fit the needs of online retailers.

We prepare a unique proposal for each client, which may include:

Project Setup

  • • Creation of static pages based on existing content
  • • Extraction of product catalogue and other dynamic content from the CMS
  • • Consultation on a domain name for the multilingual site
  • • Keyword research to identify which to use in optimisation & eMarketing

Localisation Phase

  • • Professional translation of text content
  • • Proofreading by a second professional linguist
  • • Localisation of images
  • • Interface testing by a localisation professional

Search Engine Optimisation

  • • On-page optimisation with keywords identified in the setup phase
  • • Off-page optimisation: Google Webmaster Tools setup & verification; submission to top in-country search engines.
  • • eMarketing, which may include: targeted advertising, creation & online publication of articles, Social Sharing, email campaigns.

Post-project Reporting

  • • 1 month index check of target keywords to see if your multilingual site is indexed
  • • 3 month analytics report and strategy meeting

We provide website localisation in 90 languages, and have a wealth of experience working in the eCommerce sector.

Ask to see our eCommerce Portfolio for more details, or contact us to discuss your strategy.

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