WOW air


Website localisation and translation of marketing copy for an Icelandic airline.

WOW air is an Icelandic low-fare airline founded in November 2011 that connects over twenty-five destinations across Europe and North America. The company publishes fresh, up-to-date content covering its destination cities and stopover options, and has chosen Web-Translations as its preferred translation supplier. Web-Translations also provides translations to support key stages within the online booking process.

By using Pay-As-You-Go Translation, WOW air benefits from a seamless and great value service for all its language requirements.

9 languages



great value translation

Web-Translations has managed the translation and localisation of our web and marketing content efficiently and swiftly with superb customer service.

Edda Kjarval, Content Manager
Wow air

The Challenge?

  • Consistent and accurate translations of various types of content.
  • Fast turnaround in multiple languages.



The Solution?

  • Teams of talented translators with experience in the relevant field, and proofreading by a second specialist translator as part of the service.
  • Working closely with WOW air to plan upcoming workload, and dedicated Project Manager to assign all work and ensure delivery on schedule.



The Results.

  • Translated marketing copy and website content.
  • Efficient service to take care of WOW air’s translation needs, leaving staff to focus on other priorities.

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