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Landing pages in 5 languages to attract and inform international visitors.




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The Zoological Society of London (London Zoo) welcomes visitors from all over the world every year.

The web team wanted to provide more comprehensive information to their international visitors in a format that was easy for them to update and maintain.

The Challenge?

  • Selecting relevant content for translation
  • Choosing the languages to prioritise
  • Keeping the localised content up to date

The Solution?

  • Experienced Project Managers to advise ZSL on the best option
  • Microsite localisation allowed ZSL to localise key information in 5 languages for a minimum investment
  • Regular work is undertaken to update seasonal information such as pricing, changing exhibits, etc

The Results.

  • International visitors can access key information before they arrive in the UK
  • Additional content has since been added to the localised pages
  • ZSL benefits from extra web traffic, thanks to an up-to-date multilingual site
  • Other languages can easily be added later
I was impressed by the way they talked me through what was best for us, and how their service could help us meet our objectives.

- Paul Hutton, Web Editor

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