Should duplicate web content be avoided?

Should duplicate web content be avoided?

One of Web-Translations’ main objectives is to offer highly targeted solutions for reaching international web users. Often, we run into the question of how far to go down this road – does the site need a separate US and UK portal? How about Portugal and Brazil? But one of the most frequent questions we’re asked is about duplicate content – in other words, is it acceptable from an SEO perspective to have the same content on a New Zealand-targeted site and a UK-targeted site? Here’s our take: (more…) expands into Scandinavia

MVT2013Popular web-based retailer, which sells a wide-range of Tomy and Lamaze branded toys, is proud to announce the launch of their Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian microsites. contacted Web-Translations as they were looking to expand into the Scandinavian market. As a result, their homepage was localised into the target languages, thus enabling potential customers in the key target markets to obtain information regarding the brand in their own language – research tells us that a majority of consumers value information in their own language over price (Kelly, N., 03/08/2012, Speak to Global Customers in Their Own Language, Harvard Business Review, Prior to translation, keyword research was carried out in the target markets and once the most-effective keywords had been identified, we optimised the microsites by including these keywords within the body text, meta description and page title. offers low-cost delivery to Denmark, Sweden & Norway from £3.49, and customers in continental Europe can check-out securely in euros. The site not only sells Tomy and Lamaze branded toys, but also official Winnie the Pooh branded products as well as toys from brands such as Aquafun, Play to Learn and First Years. Consumers in Scandanavia searching for high-quality Tomy and Lamaze toys will land on our microsites thanks to our keyword optimisation and index submission, and all traffic to and from the site can be tracked via the Google Analytics code embedded within the sites. Once on the site, consumers can read all about along with select products before being redirected to UK site to complete payment.

Victorian Plumbing launches new microsites

VP for blogWe are pleased to announce the launch of new microsites for Victorian Plumbing targeting top European markets such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Victorian Plumbing started in 1999, specialising in original and antique bathroom fixtures and fittings. In 2003, they expanded their range to include many well-known brands, and now offer products ranging from the ultra-modern to more traditional ranges. With a showroom in Formby, Merseyside, customers can also purchase through their catalogue and from their online eCommerce shop.

Victorian Plumbing used our microsite creation service to create landing pages in 10 languages, as well as additional pages providing information about the company and shipping details. The microsites welcome visitors from other European markets, acting as portals to the English eCommerce site.

The pages were localised by professional translators in order to create content that sounds natural to readers, and all translations were proofread by a second native linguist. Our skilled Project Management team not only created bespoke microsites, but also researched ideal keywords for onpage optimisation, with the additional provision of keywords to Victorian Plumbing for Analytics campaigns. Once the research had been performed, the landing pages were optimised for 2 keywords by including these in the body content, meta description, page title and H1 tag content.

Following this week’s news about Google’s penalisation of certain types of offpage SEO, ensuring your onpage SEO is top-notch has become absolutely vital. Having up-to-date, well-written content on your site, as well as optimising your pages as much as possible, are good strategies for getting your pages indexed in Google, which is why our Localisation Level packages include onpage optimisation, as well as white hat offpage optimisation. Contact us for more information.

Victorian Plumbing microsites are also available in: Belgian French, Flemish, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish.

5 Simple eMarketing Resolutions for 2014

The start of a fresh year is the perfect opportunity to gauge past successes and look forward to exciting new ones. Resolutions aren’t just for people – they also give discerning businesses the chance to establish a clean outlook and set the wheels in motion for twelve months of growth and innovation.

With this goal of planning ahead in mind, we’ve put together a shrewd list of realistic eMarketing resolutions (or reSEOlutions, if you prefer!) for 2014 which will boost your website’s performance across the board. If you stick to these 5 rules, you’ll end the year the business equivalent of slim and good-looking.


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