“Britishness” is in demand around the globe

“Our research shows that 70% of British business do not consider exporting” – UK Trade & Investment (UKTI)

Why not? It’s so easy to have your website translated, allowing you to trade internationally. Different currencies don’t pose a problem, either. In Olden Times (the 90s!), businesses were required to make a substantial investment in order to explore a new market. Now you can test the waters quickly and cheaply.

At Web-Translations, we offer Microsite and Website localisation packages to help you launch globally. For as little as £395 exc VAT, you can create an international online presence.

“Britishness” is in demand around the globe…export to profit from it. British exports amount to £24.9bn, according to the Sunday Times*, however these numbers are in decline based on the previous year. Theories as to why confidence in the export sector has dropped include uncertainly about the EU referendum, preventing companies from starting new export plans, and lack of government support, as well as an economic slowdown in China.

If your business needs support, the UKTI may be able to guide you about foreign legislation, which products you’re allowed to sell, and what you need to include on product labelling, etc. If they can’t help you, they know who will. If a Brexit is the concern, consider localising for a range of countries, including those outside the EU.

Localising your website is the key to exporting successfully, and unlocking the potential of foreign markets.

*29.05.16 / Business section page 9